Wednesday, 23 May 2018

wind in funchal

hi folks

weather is basicly yuck in funchal and some rain as well as wind and all sorts and apart from that i am dandy and i want to carry on this blog again when i get back to glase land in a few weeks time and i only hope that this wind dies down or i might need to stay here again as when the wind gets to a speed of 29 they shut the airport


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

hi currently

hi all

i am currently in funchal and enjoin my self and that is how or why i have not been updating this blog that much


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

phew calling

hi all its not the best visit so far it has more hichs than its worth and just very sad

Monday, 14 May 2018

my mum

hi all

my mum said do not go on about them not meeting my needs not going to take mums advice as for a start the direct plan is not ever been followed at all and if it is a legal document it should be followed and i want to find out first if it is legal to have this as it should be followed and kept updated the best it can and i want to go in to detail with her only to see if she can put it strate if it is legal you see the person called tracey was raging before when i told her i thought it was not followed and i have got a few private questions for her ears only this manager called linda as i contacted her before so she is aware of i am looking for her it would be a better service


1. they took all users care plannes in to that visit or visits

and 2. let the able ones have a say what can be shared in it and what can not ever

as i feel sharing of information in the place is to open no matter what you share its never kept personal

so no i am not listening to mum regarding care as they have a job to do care manule or guiding care

i personally feel that its time to go but i will not leave as if i do this i will have no one to speak to and its unfare on dad and know what the hurtful thing is about this my named person has nearly gave up now i do not mind putting this here but i will never say this to mum or dad or them if i have a mager hich at phew its her job to sort that hich all she ever says i have tryed my hardest and you are still not happy now if she was doing her job with respect and what i call manners she would say i need to clean out your case notes and start a new folder for you now that would be manners but no she has not ever says this but on the other hand she said its up to you what you tell linda all i am asking for maybe as i am not sure yet is for some one to take me to the bathroom and to make sure its some one who i know like her now there is more to my feelings on trips now when i am there for 1 week soon i do not know how i will cope with agitation ever since i took seizures in april i feel more angry and agitated when i am there

i will leave this post there but i might update the blog tonight

Sunday, 13 May 2018

funchal wind

hi all it would seem that funchal will have another storm of wind which could effect flights yet again

i found this off a blog that i follow

see this link


this week

hi all online from there this week as i have just about had it with very little support as i pay alot of money and very little support comes to the table if i was in a wheel chair that would be fully supported all i am saying is i am not willing to sit for hours my self and have no friendships with the staff as see trying to get a user to chat to its very hard as most can not speak at all there is alot of disabilities there

we have just found out why i am angry at phew and this person says that we do have a  issue here for sure and how it will be addressed at phew is hmm not sure as all other people get support apart from me i am left to it

Saturday, 12 May 2018


hi all

not sure what to call this post or how long it will be even mum is starting her comments again about phew and what it will not do i am really hurting all and i am just hoping it is linda for sure and its not that new person the problem with phew for a long time we have been with users who have more needs than mine but that is not a reason phew is dear i might even take my blog with me as dad has got it on the laptop and as for free time we have to much free time we had 2 users in for a visit and they want to do alot of things on visits and i can be truthful here it will not happen at phew for them as for a start we do not have staff to cover out doors allways and it really goes buy the other users how much we can do or not do most cases it is not do if that is the case the scottish chinky i can play on