Saturday, 5 August 2017

my first post for a while

hi i am doing fine back to my blog after a small break and i am still enjoying books and we might of found a better way of accessing the down load books and there might be another service called listening books i have emailed them as i was a member before and i just do not wish to sign back up again if they can help me around that having pizza and fries

having a look at the sign up form for listening books it would seem very tricky to do without help so i do hope they can help it might be the case here of saying to them no thanks i am still interested to see what they say it would seem a small bit accessible but not fully

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jamie, it's good to hear from you on here. Glad to see you posting again. Hope you hear from the book company soon and that you know what to do next.
    Your dinner sounds so nice! Hope you enjoyed it! Talk soon!
    Hugs, your friend, melina