Wednesday, 12 July 2017

books chat

Just an update on my current book i am not going to read the uprising just now i am reading one called the ice its only good not grate and its much shorter as well i wish I had more time as i would read clear and present danger by tom Clancy he wrote rainbow six he is one of my best people who has wrote some good books thriller ones i do like thrillers allot as they keep my interest now there is a thriller called cold cut about some fixion in rusha i might read that one at a later date i will need to see as there is alot of books i want to have a look at in audio in the future

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  1. Hi Jamie, I hope you will be able to read Clear and Present Danger sometime soon if you'd like that. So many wonderful books to read Jamie. I hope you have the chance to read them all this summer. Can you bring any of the books or disks to Funchal or Phew do you think? Thanks for keeping me updated, Jamie! Take care and talk soon! Keep up the great work here on your blog! hugs, melina