Thursday, 13 July 2017

crashing and changing my way of doing posts to my blog and more on books

i am doing fine for this thursday i am going to have to change my way of doing the post to my blog as a result of crashing but i am now trying note pad wich is the same thing and i think it will work out i do not know what i am going to be reading today as the ice book turned out no good at all i was not amazed at that as i thought what a story as it was about a fixion boat and iceland now it would be ok if it was non fixion it was not even that well wrote at all i have had better thrillers than that fixion book like cold cut wich i might also try at a later date i found a book called the wall its another fixion book about the war it might be just to heavy but i will just see as i can resort to any down load book if it is the link for the wall if you wish to have a look

now i have not got far with it but the title does sound interesting the wall book was to heavy at this time as i thought this would happen so i am not sure what to do i could look at mine kampf book but even at that that might also be to heavy or try clear and present danger that is a good thought even if i just start it i can allways cancel my disk copy but having said this if you remember i did not get far with rainbow six on file so i will just wait to see

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  1. Hi Jamie, so many books to choose from! What did you end up deciding to read today? So sorry The Ice book wasn't so good, but hope you have found something interesting to read this Thursday! Take care and have a great evening! hugs, your friend, always, melina