Wednesday, 12 July 2017

my post on wednesday

hi all i am trying something i found from a blind blogger she does her posts on a word document and i would like to try this my self as i do like blogging but the part i am finding hard is doing the posts with voice at all times it might be easyer this way but at this time i am not sure as this is my first go or mmy second go at this way i can hear what i am typing alot easyer this way but it is how it sounds to me once i put it on the blog its self as some times when you put it there it sort of goes a small bit funny on you our weather today on this wednesday i would say mixed from a blind person and blindness for me is hard to cope with as you know i want to fly an airline maybe a jet would be nice or a lancaster yes a war aircraft now the lancaster had a very important part in the war and i think there might be an audio book on this the audio book i am going to try is called uprising its about the hungarian up rising in 1956 and i am holding back on all hell let loose and rainbow 6 for alot of personal reasons and uprising is on down load so no matter what book i currently focus my interest on i will not finish it at any time soon

hope to do another up date soon

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  1. Hi Jamie, you're doing great with your blog posts. I hope you are getting the hang of things here at your blog. The new book sounds like it will be very interesting, the Uprising. You will have to let me know how you like it! Thanks for sharing your day with us all! Hugs, your friend, always, melina